Physician Education: Bridging Clinical Research and Patient Care

Live Courses

Continuing medical education (CME) live courses are the core activities of the International Antiviral Society–USA. Courses include annual 1-day CME courses and half-day intensive workshops. The CME programs provide advanced-level courses that present balanced, timely, scientifically rigorous, and clinically relevant information about HIV and other viral diseases. The activities are designed for physicians who are actively involved in viral diseases management. In these programs, didactic lectures provide state-of-the-art reviews of a particular topic, and case or "caselette" (case vignette) presentations use clinical models to explore selected topics and controversial or confusing issues in viral medicine.

Live courses have been the foundation of IAS–USA educational programs for 20 years. We invite you to join health care practitioners and experienced faculty in these engaging, challenging, interactive sessions.

Each year, our course chairs and faculty develop programs that address timely topics in HIV and viral hepatitis clinical care. Faculty include leaders in academic research and medicine, who help to apply recent research findings to the clinical context.

Finally, IAS–USA has in recent years offered occasional educational webinars, which may be expanded in the future.