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HIV Drug Resistance Mutations Figures and User Notes

A current list of mutations associated with clinical resistance to HIV and the accompanying user notes, which are regularly revised and disseminated by the IAS–USA Drug Resistance Mutations Group, are published in Topics in Antiviral Medicine™ (formerly Topics in HIV Medicine®). The figures are also available as downloadable PDF and Powerpoint files.

Request to Reprint Figures

The Drug Resistance Mutations Group welcomes interest in the mutations figures as an educational resource for practitioners and encourages availability of the material for as broad an audience as possible. If you wish to reprint the mutations figures, we require that permission be obtained. Please send your request to the IAS–USA via e-mail to journal “at” or by fax to (415) 544-9401. Requests to reprint the material should include the name of the publisher or sponsor, the name or a description of the publication in which you wish to reprint the material, the funding organization(s), if applicable, and the intended audience of the publication. If possible, please include a copy or mockup of the proposed reproduction with your request.

Please note that permission will be granted only for requests to reprint the most current version of the mutations figures as posted on the IAS–USA website. Because scientific understanding of HIV drug resistance evolves quickly and the goal of the Drug Resistance Mutations Group is to maintain the most up-to-date compilation of mutations for HIV clinicians and researchers, the publication of out-of-date figures is counterproductive. If you have any questions regarding reprints or permissions for use of the mutations figures, please send an e-mail to journal “at”


The Drug Resistance Mutations Group reviews new data as they emerge and welcomes comments and evidence-based suggestions for revisions (be sure to provide any relevant reference citations). Please submit comments and suggestions to journal “at”

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