Physician Education: Bridging Clinical Research and Patient Care

Faculty Profile

Associate Professor of Epidemiology
Milken Institute School of Public Health at The George Washington University
Washington, District of Columbia


Associate Professor of Pediatrics
School of Medicine and Health Sciences

The George Washington University

Washington, District of Columbia

Topics of Professional Interest:

HIV surveillance, HIV care, treatment and clinical outcomes, care continuum, routine HIV testing, prevention of mother to child transmission, community viral load, HIV cohorts, pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV prevention

Honors and Awards:

Selected Participant, American Academy of Pediatrics Annual Leadership Forum 2014

Elected Member, Executive Committee of the Section on Epidemiology, American Academy of Pediatrics 2011 to 2017

Co-Chair, Public Health Special Interest Group, American Academy of Pediatrics 2013 to present

National Institutes of Health (NIH) Health Disparities Loan Repayment Program
Recipient 2008 to 2010
2012 to 2014

Member, District of Columbia Developmental Center for AIDS Research 2010 to present

Member, American Academy of HIV Medicine 2010 to present

Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) Women and HIV Junior Scholar Award 2010

Member, International AIDS Society 2008 to present

Faculty Inductee, Delta Omega Honor Society 2008

2007 Charles C. Shepherd Science Award Nominee for Assessment
and Epidemiology, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2007

Unit Commendation Award, United States Public Health Service 2006

Member, American Association of Public Health Physicians 2006 to present

Member, American College of Preventive Medicine 2006 to present

Fellow, American Academy of Pediatrics 2005 to present

Commissioned Corps Training Ribbon, United States Public Health Service 2005

American Public Health Association, Member 2003 to 2009

Ann E. Dyson Award for Excellence in Community Pediatrics,
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia 2003

International Health Grant, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia 2002

Recipient, Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories Scholarship for Women in
Graduate Medical and Health Business Program, Recipient 2000

United States Fulbright Grant Recipient 1995 to 1996



An Advanced CME Live Course in HIV Pathogenesis, Antiretrovirals, and Other Selected Issues in HIV Disease Management