Physician Education: Bridging Clinical Research and Patient Care

Pocket Cards

The IAS–USA previously published a series of laminated pocket cards containing useful, up-to-date information on select aspects of HIV diagnosis and treatment. These cards are no longer in print but are available as electronic resources.

Drug Resistance Mutations in HIV-1

2017 Update of the Drug Resistance Mutations in HIV-1 Cover

A current list of mutations associated with clinical resistance to HIV and the accompanying user notes, which are regularly revised and disseminated by the IAS–USA Drug Resistance Mutations Group, are published in Topics in Antiviral Medicine™ (formerly Topics in HIV Medicine®). The figures are also available as downloadable PDF and PowerPoint files.

Oral Manifestations of HIV Disease

Oral Manifestations Resource Card

HIV-related oral conditions occur in a large proportion of patients but are frequently misdiagnosed or inadequately treated. Common conditions include xerostomia, candidiasis, oral hairy leukoplakia, periodontal disease, Kaposi sarcoma, and ulcerative conditions.

A pocket-sized folding card, which included the oral manifestations reviewed in Topics in HIV Medicine, and typical presentations and treatment options was previously published. The card is no longer in print, but the illustrative figures used in the Oral Manifestations in HIV review article and educational resource card are available for download in PowerPoint format.

Dermatologic Manifestations of HIV Disease

Dermatologic Manifestations of HIV Disease image

Although the frequency of dermatologic diseases in HIV-infected patients has decreased with the use of potent antiretroviral therapy where it is available, dermatologic disorders remain common in the HIV-infected population. Common conditions include inflammatory diseases, infectious diseases, and neoplastic diseases.

Two cards relating to HIV dermatologic manifestations were published:Common Skin Diseases in HIV-infected Patients in the Antiretroviral Era and Dermatologic Manifestations of HIV Infection in AfricaThe cards are no longer in print, but the illustrative figures of dermatologic manifestations used in the Topics in HIV Medicine review article are available for download in PowerPoint format.