David E. Vance, PhD, MGS

David E. Vance, PhD, MGS

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Associate Professor
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, Alabama


Professional History

2000-2001 Associate Research Psychologist, Dementia Research Program,Tuscaloosa,AL

2001-2004 NIA Postdoctoral Fellow, Roybal Ctr. Research in Applied Gerontology, UAB,Bham,AL

2004-2006 Research Assistant Prof., Department of Psychology, UAB,Bham,AL

2004-Present Scientist, Center for Aging (CFA), UAB,Bham,AL

2005-Present Scientist. Center for AIDS Research (CFAR), UAB,Bham,AL

2006-2009 Assist. Professor,SchoolofNursing, UAB,Bham,AL

2009-Present Assoc. Professor,SchoolofNursing, UAB,Bham,AL

2008-Present Assoc. Scientist, Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, UAB,Bham,AL

2008-Present Faculty Investigator, 1917 (HIV/AIDS) Clinic Cohort, UAB,Bham,AL

2011-Present Assoc. Director, Center for Nursing Research, UAB,Bham,AL.

2011-Present Scientist,CivitanInternationalResearchCenter, UAB,Bham,AL

2011-Present Assoc. Scientist,MinorityHealth & HealthDisparitiesResearchCenter, UAB,Bham,AL

2012-Present Senior Scientist, Ctr. for Outcomes & Effectiveness Research & Educ., UAB,Bham,AL

2012-Present Senior Scholar, Ctr. for Palliative and Supportive Care, UAB,Bham,AL

2012-2014 PhD Coordinator, School of Nursing, UAB, Bham, AL

Topics of Professional Interest

  • HIV and Aging
  • Cognitive Aging
  • NeuroAIDS
  • Cognitive Remediation

Current Professional Summary

Since 1997, I have gained extensive project coordinator experience managing different types of R01s (REACH – a multi-site Alzheimer’s caregiver intervention; Audiotape Study – a behavioral observation nursing home intervention; ACCELERATE – a multi-site cognitive remediation intervention), R03 (below), and numerous pilot grants. This skill is invaluable in taking the grant and turning it into an operational research study. In this capacity, I understand the importance of constant communication with study staff and co-investigators, monitoring testing protocols to avoid drift, adhering to data management protocols, data cleaning, and setting and maintaining recruitment goals. In addition, I have and continue to serve as a member on our university IRB since 2009; thus, I am quite familiar with the regulations and compliance issues surrounding research, especially regarding vulnerable and stigmatized populations. Furthermore, as a former NIH/NIA post-doctoral fellow at the Edward R. Roybal Center for Translational Research in Aging and Mobility, I was intimately involved in neuropsychological testing and cognitive training techniques. As the project coordinator/manager for a R01 during my post-doctoral fellow, we examined the impact of speed of processing training over a two-year period across two sites (Birmingham and Iowa City). Now as PI and Co-Investigator on several NIH- and university-funded grants, I have built much of my own research on speed of processing training, cognitive remediation, and neuropsychological assessment in community-dwelling older adults and in those with HIV. In addition, I will be heavily involved in analyzing data, writing manuscripts, and disseminating results nationally and internationally (currently with over 200 conference presentations). I am very familiar with data management procedures and multiple statistical techniques (i.e., structural equation modeling) and have taught statistics at the doctoral level since 2006. Given my unique expertise in aging with HIV, I have accepted many prestigious invitations on this topic including: a 2010 White House Invitation to attend the first forum on HIV and aging; a 2011 invitation to the first NIH Think Tank on Aging with HIV where I served as the subgroup leader for the Societal Infrastructure/Mental Health/Substance Abuse Group; and a 2011 and 2013 HIVERA (Harmonizing Integrating Vitalizing European Research on AIDS/HIV) Invitation to review grants on aging with HIV in Frankfurt and Berlin, Germany. My current studies are investigating: 1) transcranial direct current stimulation in older adults, and 2) chemosensory functioning in older adults with HIV.

Committees and Organizations

EDITORIAL ACTIVITIES (reviewed for 100+ journals)

  • Family Relations, Guest Reviewer: 1999.
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Honors and Awards

  • 2010 Dean’s Award for Excellence in Mentorship – At the University of Alabama at Birmingham, 12 mentors, one selected from each of the 12 schools, are nominated by their doctoral students and early career colleagues each year and recognized in a special, university-wide assembly acknowledging their assistance and accomplishments (e.g., papers, grants, presentations) with their mentees.
  • 2010 President’s Award for Teaching Excellence – At the University of Alabama at Birmingham, 12 teachers, one selected from each of the 12 schools, are nominated by their peers for this award that includes $2,500 and a Steuben crystal apple trophy.


  • NIAPostdoctoral Fellowship, Emphases on Cognitive Aging, Older Drivers, and Aging with HIV. Roybal Center for Research in Applied Gerontology, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL. 2001-2003
  • Doctorate of Developmental Psychology, Emphases on Dementia Caregiving, Intervention Research, Behavioral Programming and Analysis, and Structural Equation Modeling, August 2000,UniversityofAlabamaatBirmingham,Birmingham,AL. GPA – 3.90.
  • Masters of Applied Developmental Psychology, Emphases on Cognitive Aging, Activities for Patients with Dementia, and Alzheimer’s Disease, December 1996,University ofNew Orleans,New Orleans,LA. GPA – 3.71.
  • Masters of Gerontological Studies, Concentrations in Program Administration & Research, Emphases on Homelessness, Service Utilization, & Qualitative Research, May 1993, Miami University, Oxford, OH. GPA – 3.81.
  • Bachelor of Science, Psychology, Double-major: Family and Child Development, Emphasis in Adulthood and Aging, Minor in Sociology, May 1991, Virginia Tech,Blacksburg,VA. Cum Laude.

Selected Publications

Most relevant to the current application (in chronological order)

  1. Edwards JD, Wadley VG, Vance DE, Roenker DL, Ball KK (2005). The impact of speed of processing
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Additional recent publications of importance to the field (in chronological order)

  1. Vance DE, Roenker DL, Cissell GM, Edwards JD, Wadley VG, Ball KK (2006). Predictors of driving exposure and avoidance in a field study of older drivers from the state of Maryland. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 38, 823-831. {PMID: 16545765}
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