The IAS–USA commissions volunteer panels of experts to develop clinical practice recommendations and guidelines in areas of antiviral medicine that are confusing or controversial. Funding for the guidelines is provided by the IAS–USA; commercial support is not accepted.



Selected presentations from our live regional courses are available as podcasts. Please note that iTunes® or another MP3 audio player is required to listen to the following podcast audio files.


Archived Webcasts

Recordings from our popular regional advanced CME courses on HIV- and viral hepatitis-related treatment issues. Webcasts enable HIV clinicians who are unable to attend the live courses, including HIV clinicians located around the world, to access clinically relevant information and learn at their own pace.


Key Course Slides

Conference speakers select 15 to 20 key slides from their presentations that they think will be particularly useful to attendees.


Fellow/Student Resources

Resources particularly valuable to students and fellowship recipients, as well as to practitioners new to the management of HIV and viral hepatitis infection.


Other Resources

Visual examples of oral and dermatologic manifestations of HIV disease, free to download as powerpoint presentations. Links to non-IAS–USA HIV- and viral hepatitis-related organizations, events, and other learning experiences.