Huldrych F. Günthard, MD

Professor of Infectious Diseases
Senior Staff Physician
Division of Infectious Diseases and Hospital Epidemiology
University Hospital Zurich
Institute of Medical Virology
Zurich, Switzerland

Committees and Organizations

  • Swiss Society for Infectious Diseases
  • Infectious Diseases Society of America
  • American Society of Microbiology
  • President of the Swiss HIV-Cohort Study
  • Member, National Research Council of the Swiss National Research Foundation, Division III, Biology and Medicine

Honors and Awards

  • The Bristol-Myers Squibb AIDS Award (1995)
  • Recipient of the Georg-Friedrich-Götz Preis – Research Award of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Zurich (2006)
  • HIV Research Award for the most excellent Swiss basic research in HIV in the previous 2 years (2009)
  • Winner of 2nd prize Abott Swiss HIV Cohort Study Grant 2012


  • University of Zurich, Medical School (1984-1990)
  • University Hospital of Zurich, Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases, Zurich (1991-1993)
  • Stadtspital Triemli, Resident in the Department of Internal Medicine (1994-1996)
  • University of California San Diego, Postdoctoral research/Infectious Disease Fellowship (1996-1999)
  • University Hospital Zurich, Staff Physician (1999-2003)
  • University Hospital Zurich, Senior Staff Physician (2004-present)
  • University Hospital Zurich, Head HIV-research laboratory of the Division of Infectious Diseases (1999-present)
  • University of Zurich, Faculty of Medicine Member (2009)

Selected Publications

  1. Wong JK, Hezareh M, Günthard HF, Havlir DV, Ignacio CC, Spina CA, Richman DD. Recovery of replication-competent HIV despite prolonged suppression of plasma viremia. Science. 1997;278:1291-1295.
  2. Günthard HF, Frost S, Leigh-Brown AJ, Ignacio CC, Kee K, Spina CA, Havlir DV, Hezareh M, Looney DJ, Richman DD, Wong JK. Evolution of envelope sequences of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 in cellular reservoirs in the setting of potent antiviral therapy. J Virol. 1999; 73(11):9404-9412.
  3. Oxenius A, McLean A, Fischer M, Price DA, Dawson SJ, Hafner R, Schneider C, Joller H, Hirschel B, Phillips RE, Weber R, Günthard HF, for the Swiss HIV Cohort Study. HIV-specific CD8+ T cell responses do not predict viral growth and clearance rates during structured intermittent antiretroviral therapy. J Virol. 2002;76(20):10169-10176.
  4. Metzner KJ, Bonhoeffer S, Fischer M, Karanicolas R, Weber R, Hirschel B, Kostrikis LG, Günthard HF, and the Swiss HIV Cohort Study. Emergence of minor populations of HIV-1 carrying the M184V and L90M mutations in subjects undergoing structured treatment interruptions. J Infect Dis. 2003;188:1433-1443.
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