HIV-related oral conditions occur in a large proportion of patients but are frequently misdiagnosed or inadequately treated. Common conditions include xerostomia, candidiasis, oral hairy leukoplakia, periodontal disease, Kaposi sarcoma, and ulcerative conditions.

In the December 2005/January 2006 issue of Topics in HIV Medicine, a review on the Oral Manifestations of HIV Disease summarized a talk given by David A. Reznik, DDS, at the 8th Annual Clinical Conference for Ryan White CARE Act Clinicians in New Orleans, Louisiana, June 2005.

In July 2006, the IAS–USA published a pocket-sized folding card, which included the oral manifestations reviewed in Topics in HIV Medicine, and typical presentations and treatment options. The card is no longer in print, but the illustrative figures used in the Oral Manifestations in HIV review article and educational resource card are available for download in PowerPoint format.

If you have questions or need information about the Oral Manifestations of HIV Disease pocket cards please contact the IAS–USA at