15th Ryan White HIV/AIDS AETC Program Clinical CARE Conference: Moving Forward with CARE: Focusing on Passion, Purpose, and Excellence

HIV/AIDS Bureau Update
Laura W Cheever MD, ScM
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Update on HIV Cure Research
Robert F Siliciano MD, PhD
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A Shot in the Arm for HIV Prevention? Opportunities and Challenges in 2016
Jeanne M Marrazzo MD, MPH, FACP, FIDSA
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State-of-the-ART in Antiretroviral Management
Joel E Gallant MD, MPH
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Kidney Disease in HIV: An Update for Ryan White Providers
Christina M Wyatt MD
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Cardiovascular Complications of HIV and Its Treatment
Marshall J Glesby MD, PhD
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Neurologic Complications of HIV
Victor G Valcour MD, PhD
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Persistent Challenges of HIV Transmission Control in Injection Drug Use: Lessons from the Indiana Outbreak
Diane M Janowicz MD
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Elements of the Care Continuum
Michael J Mugavero MD, MHSc
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Sexually Transmitted Infections
Kimberly A Workowski MD, FACP, FIDSA
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Cases from the Clinic(ians): Case-based Panel Discussion
Michael S Saag MD
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Chronic Pain in Patients With HIV: What Clinicians Need to Know
Jessica Merlin MD, MBA
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Get Your Patients With HIV/AIDS to Stop Smoking Before it Kills Them
Steven Schroeder MD
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State of the Art in Hepatitis C Virus Infection in HIV/HCV-Coinfected Patients
David L Wyles MD
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What I Have Learned in 25 Years of HIV and Hepatitis C Psychiatry
Glenn J Treisman MD, PhD
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Strategies for Staying Current in HIV Care – Panel Discussion
Steven P Bromer MD
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