Melanie A. Thompson, MD

Thacker & Thompson, MD

Atlanta, GA

Hong Van Tieu, MD, MS

Columbia University Irving Medical Center

Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine

New York, NY

Lindsley F. Kimball Research Institute
New York Blood Center
New York, NY

Heidi Torres, MD

Weill Cornell Medicine

Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine

New York, NY

Glenn J. Treisman, MD, PhD

The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

Eugene Meyer III Professor of Psychiatry and Medicine

Baltimore, MD

Victor G. Valcour, MD, PhD

University of California San Francisco

Professor of Medicine

San Francisco, CA

Fred T. Valentine, MD

New York University

Research Professor

New York, NY

David E. Vance, PhD, MGS

University of Alabama at Birmingham


Birmingham, AL

Associate Dean for Research and Scholarship
Office of Research and Scholarship
University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Nursing
Birmingham, Alabama

Jay K. Varma, MD

Weill Cornell Medicine

Professor of Population Health Sciences

New York, NY

James M. Vergeront, MD

Wisconsin Division of Public Health

Director and Medical Epidemiologist, Wisconsin AIDS/HIV Program and Hepatitis C Program

Madison, WI

Elizabeth C. Verna, MD, MS

Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

Associate Professor of Medicine

New York, NY